Bobby Martinez // Santa Barbara // 2:51

posted by / Video / September 22, 2011

Video by Glas

Bobby Martinez

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  • Bongo

    Yawn. You know, Bobby should only be upset that he stopped ridding C.I. boards in the first place. That’s what really ruined his career. Now he’s blaming the ASP.

  • Honey Badger

    Good surfing. Would much rather watch surfing like this, as opposed to a bunch of chop-hops with grabs that I saw being thrown by some of the competitors at the Lowers contest…

  • Mic

    I hope Bobby is happy short and long term.

  • deaf in three ears

    Thank you for the Bobby footage.

  • Tom K.

    Old footage, he’s still on DHD’s. Surfing incredibly well, but I think his decision to leave CI was a bad one. Hope he can still keep his game tight, now that he’s back on CI’s!

  • Mc

    Bobby Rips! If he doesn’t like the way the ASP is doing things then he has a right to speak his mind. I just hope that he doesn’t get stuck in Santa Barbara to long, he needs to go on trips & surf the best waves in the wold & get some photos & videos because the guy rips. If he doesn’t like the ASP then he shouldn’t act like he does & kiss ass. He is solid for speaking his mind & his surfing backs it up all the way. Keep killing it Bobby & your surfing career will still have many years of getting paid to rip.

  • Murph

    Mate that was really boring footage, I used to be a Bobby frother but since the guy burnt the ASP when he really should of been accepting that his surfing style was fast becoming ‘old school’, I find it really hard to enjoy watching him. No matter what profession you work in, some people just can’t adapt to change.

  • mik

    only one constant in life and that’s change

  • Bolt


    You need to hire someone who can put together as proper presentation video wise. This is crucial to your success since you’re not on tour anymore. Releasing video’s with random content and sub par editing are not the way to go (Not dissing this guy who made this, just constructive criticism).

    You still rip, but you need to tighten up your presentation from this point forth.

  • dgb

    All Bobby really needs to do now is crab in and out (like everyone else) of a few airs and all the kids like Murph above will love him again. He only needs to make one on film and fill in a with a few well edited attempts (like everyone else) and bingo, safe, likable product the ASP can be proud of.

  • Tim Abernathy

    Bobby, you stand up for what you believe to be right. No one, no company, nor the ASP cannot take that way from you. I just read the OC weekly article and I am impressed. Keep going, stating what you believe, and keep Surfing for all the right reasons. We need more Professional Surfers to say what you said, not sit back and wait on the next guy.

  • Mala

    Rabbit was one of the crseizat guys on the North Shore in the 70s, always ready to take chances not many others would. Still, he wound up with a polished old school style of surfing that was great to watch. I’m glad he dedicated so much of his life to the sport of professional surfing. Just hope, along the way, that he saved enough for a decent retirement.

  • koala

    tom from the surf-station.. DHD ROCK!!!! AND for such a single fin soul guy you sure do love the POPOUTS like GLOBAL or their super cool SEAGLASS hipster shit…

  • J Testino

    bobby rips!! nice backhand style, keep ripping bro…and destroy the best waves in the world!!!
    positive vibes from Peru!