Bobby Martinez // Ventura, Santa Barbara // 4:20

posted by / Video / May 3, 2013

Video: Sean Lesh

Bobby. At home. At ease.

Smooth “Sailin”

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  • bufu

    watching that guy never gets old.

  • jon

    4:20…… :)

  • Wayno

    Proud of you Bobby…Amazing surfing! Great footage. Music kinda sucks though

  • Sissy

    The most difficult product to advertize. Sounds like Mr Martinez wants a come back, nd his friends are eager to help. great.
    But why on’t he enlist in the QS? Oooh, I know, tennis tour…

    So he’ll release videos instead…Mmmh, not easy to sell anything with clips alone…I know he does not care about money, since he has load of it at home but fame? recognition?

    Boby Martinez is one of the best surfer in the world, but he should stop playing the thug, he is a wealthy married man, he should not release any more clips of him boxing, even as a training for surfing. He is not boxer either.

    If he does not want to walk the walk, good on him, but don’t talk the talk. Just surf.

  • Christobal Rios

    I just like the way he surf the rest I don’t care we are humans in we all make mistakes.