Bobby Martinez’s Winter

posted by / Video / April 3, 2012

Bobby Martinez on the cover of our 2012 May IssueVideo by Sean Lesh

Our California Issue’s cover-man Bobby Martinez surfing, boxing around his Santa Barbara home.

As if he’d be anywhere else…

More about the California Issue featuring Bobby on the cover

Bobby Martinez

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  • George

    Gee, that was such a good video

  • ginz

    A quote you cut from the BM article is disrespectful and arrogant.What has anybodies age got to do with anything especially when you are talking about Kelly Slater.Bobby if you were in the real ghetto you would get bitch slapped for dis-honouring the greatest surfer of all time, he out surfs and outlasts you in all facets of surfing and at 39 does airs and manuevers you wish you could do, paddles out in waves you hide from and behaves with class and modesty you could never comprehend. Please do not get me wrong you are a beautiful surfer but way out of your league on the WCT, so be nice like you use to be and enjoy the fortunate lifestyle that professional surfing has afforded you in suburban Santa Barbara

  • Tammy

    the kickdrum on that song is so whack

  • earl

    why are people worrying about he said/ she said crap… he can say what he wants to .. look at the comment police above. the guy rips so who cares. sure he hasn’t won a title, but has won contests … and has beaten slater several times. he can back up what he says … by his actions. more bobby, more sb. dude, come to NC and surf with us…

  • dgb

    Surfings loss not to have this guy competing on the tour. There isn’t a pro on tour who wouldn’t have to be on the top of his game to beat BM. They are all stoked he’s not there anymore.