Boys Love Kelly Slater

posted by / Video / September 14, 2010

Kelly thought this was funny. Even his girl Kalani thought it was funny. That’s probably a wiser reaction than flipping out on your blog when someone pokes fun at you in an online video. Oh, Kelly, you win again.

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  • zazon

    that there is funny

  • Jeremy

    This defines creepy. Kelly handled this man lady very well. A crak up.

  • jf

    Perhaps he didn’t “flip out on his blog” cause this video didn’t suggest he is a prize dick to the people (groms) his sponsors pay him to be an “idol” to. Spenser’s vid was exponentially funner than this.

  • beelzebub

    I was born with male genitalia at birth and have grown to be “quite” the man. i have been attracted to this Floridian phenom since I can first remember so I guess u can say I’m one of the “boys that love Kelly Slater.”

  • Gnarles in Charge

    I’m going to go with “die” on this one.

  • Mik

    people are very low nowadays. lame. including SURFING for running this shit. sensationalism is a dead horse: grow up.

  • Harrow

    Come on Mik. Laugh a little. Get of your high horse.

  • Mik

    Ya think? as in Jackass is the standard? it’s a free world, OK. but that equally applies to me and what I decide as being cool, for me. and this is very uncool.

  • know

    here we are, a fake of Sacha Baron Cohen, please try to be a bit original though you’re a woman, kelly fuck guys!!! fuck guys!!! impresive…

  • 1tubejunkie

    I say Kelly got GAY PUNKED! Or was it trany punked?

  • jeff

    PUNKED!! That was sweet. Pretty original, too.