Brett Barley // North Carolina // 2:05

posted by / Video / September 12, 2013

‘Tis the season to be jolly on the Eastern Seaboard. With the abusively hot summer and the throngs of people that come along with it in the books, East Coasters have finally been given a chance to take a deep breath. And, for Brett Barley, a chance to become independent. One fine day on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Brett set up his Soloshot at Avon Pier and went surfing. The waves were a fun-lover’s idea of perfection. While Brett clicked a bouquet of airs, his camera sat unmanned on the beach recording his every move. He took the footage, trimmed it down to only the cream and cut the clips to a Bad Religion song. You wouldn’t think Brett could find a way to top that air at 1:50, but does he ever! So grab a piping cup of pumpkin rooibos tea or an icy glass of pumpkin ale (depending on the time of day), and enjoy a sip of fall on the East Coast — regardless of what your calendar and its Autumnal Equinox think.

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  • Bert


  • marcus

    too many air revs… same old story

  • mahalo2u2

    clip made me wanna go for a surf! nice one brett. ripping.

  • Bobby

    This vid is tight. Brett’s eatin’ it up OBX-steez. Marcus, you’re an idiot.

  • It’sOnlyAParkingLotWang…

    Way better than a lot of the truly same old story vid’s posted here.
    Brett’s Outer Banks video efforts are consistently B + to A +, well paced, a lot of quality waves with just about zero filler.
    Give the kid some props for that much, Marc-ass …

  • Alex

    Rarely post but…

    YO! This was one of the better clips I’ve seen in a while. Just raw impressive surfing.

  • A.M.

    Rippping dude!!

  • Jeff

    Keep the videos coming! Ripping.

  • Chaser

    Whats up with the wetsuit in 70+ degree water?

  • Brett Barley

    @chaser … Weather was actually cool that morning. Not necessarily cool enough to need a shortarm…. But I’ll take any chance I get to wear a shortarm :) Thanks for the comments everyone.

  • wtf happen?

    i just got sick of air revo’s for the day. sick!

  • j

    jeez that was gnarly… kids good