Brett Barley // North Carolina // 3:05

posted by / Video / January 27, 2014

This is becoming something of a staple. Brett Barley and some mighty fine surfing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. More airs, more tubes, more turns and more rubber. Still, nobody around. Brett’s built himself a nice little life on the Banks with a wife and a child, and you sure as hell won’t hear him complaining about surfing waves like this almost alone.

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  • blah

    This guy is a great surfer, but he really should spend some money and hire a real filmer. That way he could put out a memorable edit

  • Jeff

    Isn’t his “filmer” some kind of auto-capture set up? Deets please

  • Jimmicane

    He’s using a Solo Shot which you use to film yourself. They’re kind of a pain to use now but a new one is going to come out sometime soon and it’ll be way better. Check this:

  • Jason

    Editing looks just fine to me. Complete with a “soundtrack”, which isn’t necessary but a plus. Here on the Outer Banks, we’re all grateful that Brett is using Solo Shot. We love Brett and feel he’s a perfect ambassador for surfing and represents our island well, but don’t appreciate the circus that our local breaks become when there is a “real filmer” on the beach. The masses tend to follow the camera, butter up the photographer and stop just short of jumping up and down, waiving their arms; just to get a shot for their own claim to fame. I think Brett understands this and is courteous & respectful by doing it this way. Keep up the good work Brett!

  • Brett Barley

    Hey Jeff…

    Soloshot2 is coming out this spring. Going to be a game changer…