Brian Conley // Mainland Mexico // 3:26

posted by / Video / April 25, 2012

Brian is synonymous with big Mexican tubes — standing tall reaching for the roof

See 2:40, engulfed by spit and expelled by Mother Nature’s womb

brian conley

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  • Chessby

    WOW. Where is this? Talk about heaving barrels

  • prog

    Starts with a P.

    Oops I’ve already said too much.

  • unidentified

    Oakley dropped him??? Core score way down on them

  • Ben

    Insane on the paddle-ins. I’m guessing Pascuales.

  • Bensacked

    thanks ben, now please kill yourself

  • Bensacked

    notice how the title for the original youtube says nothing about location….

  • Ben

    1. Pascuales ain’t no secret, 2. Still ain’t crowded, 3. Ain’t none of us gonna paddle out in shit that dangerous. Pascuales takes care of itself.

  • Rickkles

    its the principle old benny boy

  • Ben

    Frankly, some of these rides should be XXL contenders. How many other guys paddle into waves of that magnitude?