Bruce Irons // Mexico // 6:28

posted by / Video / September 25, 2012

Video: Mike Risick

Mike on his edit, Mexican Death Art:

No studio work, no interviews, no weird music, no budget. Straight from the underground where only surf matters, no apps, no phone, not your hair, not your attitude. More than a division.

Does Bruce really belong anywhere else? Threading through tubes is his sanctuary

A seamster at heart

Bruce Irons

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13 Responses to “Bruce Irons // Mexico // 6:28”

  1. tanner says:

    all f@$king step offs, come on bruce, your better than that,

  2. plump blumpkin says:

    i could do that

  3. tanner says:

    some good tubes tho

  4. Jake says:

    SICK! would love to see this tanner guy try paddle that shit haha

  5. Nick says:

    Ya wtf Tanner shutup

  6. MIke says:

    So stoked Bruce put this out.. to many edits coming out showing crap waves and emo kids. Thanks Bruce!

    Hey Tanner guy how about you shut it before I shut it for you… kook

  7. manrique says:

    SICK!!!! tanner kiss my ass

  8. martin baltodano says:

    las sombrillas,i spent a month last year in that spot and its fucking heavy,las sombrillas is wheree i paddled in because it was the easiest paddle in …i live in costa rica and went up there to check it out,and its gnarly,paddle, step up,it doesnt matter,that spot is so ill.

  9. Jonathan H. says:

    Always exciting to watch Bruce surf!! and, SHut up tanner!!

  10. Frank P. says:

    Tanner rips

  11. Aaron says:

    Nice poke brucie- man. Well done

  12. jimmy says:

    “Maybe” a minute of nice clips here, washed down with five and a half minutes of street tacos and b grade clips. fucking cookie cutter webisodes are gay.

  13. Mike Risick (risk taker) says:

    Some “people’s” comments clearly show that they have never been in whirling death trap giant barrels and truly do not know the critical effort to come out of them. jimmy.

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