Bruce Irons & Nathan Fletcher // Mexico // 4:25

posted by / Video / January 3, 2014

We know it’s a hard concept to fathom right now, but get this: Pipeline isn’t the only wave in the world with mountainous barrels. There are a few beachbreaks in Mainland Mexico that emulate her highness with magnificence. Bruce Irons and Nathan Fletcher, two Pipeline stallions, happen to know those sands south of the border quite well. This clip may have been filmed in the summer of 2012, but it is as relevant today as it would have been then. And although they are using Jet Skis — which is typically a drag in the mind of SURFING Magazine — we can’t help but applaude the fruit of their efforts.

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  • Center Line

    Great footage

  • Brian

    Lot has been said and written about Bruce Irons lately, much of it negative, but he really is an insanely talented, stylish and brave surfer.

  • its ok

    the drag in my mind is I can’t paddle for sh*t

  • Ben

    The opening clip of Bruce with the cigarette is kind of a bummer. Makes you forget that he was, hands down, the best free surfer in the world for about four years.

  • WTF

    “Was one of the best free surfer for four years”???? WTF are you talking about “WAS”?? I’m so sick of seeing guys doing airs on waves of no consequence staying on $5,000,000 yachts, and then calling them the best free surfers on earth. I would love to see Julian Wilson or Craig Anderson on these waves even with a ski. They wouldn’t do shit!

  • Scotty Avalos

    Bah don’t be so critical, the boys were ripping! Puerto is unpredictable and one monster of a mother, this was an all time session, enjoy the pure roots of style, skill and balls, stop winching about irrelevant crap!

  • return tickets

    its not puerto, jerk!

  • Ben

    Nah, Kelly and JJF (and AI in his prime) would have zero problems paddling big Pascuales. BTW, nobody is saying that any of the beachbreak air kids are the best in the world; the best surfer (free or otherwise) in the world is John John, and yes, his surfing currently makes Bruce’s look like steaming dog turds.

  • its ok

    the best surfer? best surfers are a dime a dozen. now the best waves…that’s something special

  • Jason

    Did anyone else realize that this footage is at least more than a year old? Bruce hasn’t ridden for Volcom since Nov of 2012. Nor is Analog even a surfing company anymore. How about some recent clips? Im sure Bruce and Nathan have been killing it in the 2 years since these sessions were filmed.

  • dandy

    J.Wilson out there would be about the most interesting combo you could find; imagine how Jordy would ride it

  • Cory

    That is such an old clip…
    I know speaking your mind is going to classify as being a hater by most of you but if we want to be honest about Bruce then why is everybody so scared to call him what he has become which is a drug addict with some serious problems. Look at every photo on his instagram account or on his gf’s he is so out of it obviously meth the guy is so fucked up i feel so sorry for him. I know personal life has got nothing to do with surfing but he doesn’t surf good anymore and part of it is due to his drug use. Brother has walked out on his family his own ex wife is vocal about how drugs have changed him. What kinda guy just ups and walks away from a pregnant wife and is now shaked up with his 19 year old gf and her mom!!! Enich was one of Andys closest friends at billabong and he let Andy slip away and he knew exactly what was going on, now he is head of FOX and is letting the same thing happen to Bruce. Send Bruce to rehab thats the only way he’s going to come back to being himself and surfing again.

  • Bob


  • Center Line

    Sly preditors with evil hearts. They break up families and create backstabbers. Bruce’s marked with a target on his back like so many. It’s not that easy. Never lose hope. Educate the youth. Cook rice, not ice. Bad company corrupts good character. Let’s seem some 2014 footage of Bruce!

  • Scotti

    anyone knows the band? Some Black Keys in there