Bruce Irons // Teahupo’o, Tahiti // 4:35

posted by / Video / October 19, 2011

Bruce Irons, Teahupo'o

From the swell people will be talking about for many years

Bruce Irons relives the heaviest tow day EVER, in the most-nonchalant Bruce Irons sort of way.

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  • g

    Can anyone say that they don’t love Bruce? 100% zero hype!!!

  • Mik

    Oooooh. Bruce. The man. Andy’s flag is carried higher. For sure. Stay with us Bruce, we couldn’t handle another loss.

  • ChajerBoi

    Bruce is an ABSOLUTE legend

  • Ben


  • bufu

    “Vortex tornado!” Agree with the previous four posts.

  • Mic

    What a great son brother father surfer agree with all 5 poste above!

  • Thomas

    I don’t even know what to say about that. And that about says it all.

  • mc

    Bruce, one of the most awesome humans to ever live. Him and Andy have/had so much personality. People as talented & unique as Bruce (and Andy) are one in a million. I wish Bruce the best in life & thank him for putting on some of the most mind blowing displays of riding waves (pure style & he looks like he just belongs exactly where he is on every wave). Fucking awesome.

  • Guy

    Wow I think this is my first time I see heavy waves like those…
    Bruce you the Man!!

  • MaxaM

    Yeah beautiful human

  • Alberto Richiez

    The Time Has Come !! 2012 is the year for Volcom Team have a one of tree Best Surfing Team in da world !! Sí…. Only a Surfers know the feeling !! Jah Bless !! Guys … Att.Alberto Richiez from east coast Yabucoa, Puerto Rico :) (Hometown)