Carissa Moore // Hawaii & Micronesia // 2:31

posted by / Video / May 1, 2014

How good is Carissa Moore? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical. She is very, very good and everyone knows it — just ask Tyler Wright. In this edit, Carissa shows exactly why she’s a 2x world champion (and currently gunning for her 3rd). Get a load of this power surfing. She is an absolute moose. And those barrels at the end? So much panache. Cue the applause, please.

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  • Mitch

    She’s a step ahead of the rest of the girls. That last toooob was insane!!!

  • Gary

    Amazing surfing and waves!

  • petey thruster

    A step ahead? More like 17 miles. Only chick worth watching for sure

  • Dukey d

    Well I quit surfing now

  • Chris

    She flat out rips! Much respect. Love the music and would love to know the artist.

  • willie

    im so stoked he represents the USA and Hawaii we are proud of you!

  • Ben

    Far and away the best woman surfer ever. The second best ever (Steph Gilmore, hands down) is leagues, hell light years, behind. Carissa’s rail work is so sick!