Chacho Men! // Puerto Rico // 3:21

posted by / Video / April 10, 2014

After a 4-month slumber the Caribbean finally woke up last week. Hawaiian surfer Dusty Payne and Hawaiian SURFING photographer Brent Bielmann flew to Puerto Rico to meet Dylan Graves, Ale Moreda and Brian Toth and sample Borinquen’s juice. They scored fun surf, a mean slab and the best Gas Chambers in the last 10 years.

Land footage: Jacob Vanderwork
Water footage: Brent Bielmann
Edit: Sean Benik

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  • MIke

    Dusty’s back!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT he’s ripping.

  • bigdick

    agree with Mike, fucking impressive surfing from Dusty. wish he did this on tour.

  • Duke

    That wave is insane!!!!!!

  • AlbyT

    Did anyone make the wave?…..oh yeah the last guy did. 10 years ago this was impressive surfing. I know it’s a tough spot and if you can rip here you can rip anywhere but the make ratio was embarrassing. Look at what’s going on all over the slabspots and MasonHo on the rocks. Make the wave and pull some crazy shit too and make it or we are not impressed anymore. ..just sayin’…

  • Mary Ann

    TOTALLY awesome at my island..