Chad Jackson // Innersection // 3:30

posted by / Video / December 6, 2012

Filmer: Kellen Keene

Who knew California was a secret spot?

This guy.

Chad Jackson

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9 Responses to “Chad Jackson // Innersection // 3:30”

  1. Dorian says:


  2. Norcal says:

    Interesting style…either way, guy is psycho! Late drops and a quick jog through scariest beach to the sharkiest water on the coast of Cali! Nuts or killer, take your pick.

  3. aphh says:

    i’m sorry… this guys style is absolutely terrible

  4. SC4Life says:

    Digging Chad’s approach to life and everything. probably not comp level (or even freesurf level) in the water, but as an adventurer of life he’s charging. Why are we all so hung up on everyone’s surf style anyway? as if that affects how much fun we have. keep charging Chad.

  5. tbone says:

    not the most polished style, but not that bad either and an excellent variety of waves. charges harder than 95% of the guys at your local spot. Aside from some of the shoddy camera work, can’t say I was bored.

  6. aphhs is sorry (im sorry) says:

    Benn is blind and the is the only thing hideous and aphh is gay (cant stand the sight of someone straight).

    SC4Life, right on. Exactly. Douchers who hate, are just Douches Aph-hole and Bitch Ben, go die…

  7. Max says:

    Loved it…

  8. Kai says:

    Chad kills it!!!!cc legend and leader of the next generation in the area.

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