Chippa Wilson & Dillon Perillo: Two New Monsters

posted by / Video / February 1, 2011


Monster of Flair

Chippa Wilson is so totally NOW that it’s the name of his profile film.


Monster of Style

Airs, turns, tubes — we’ll be seeing a lot of Dillon Perillo over the next few years. And our eyes will love every minute.



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  • sam

    so I should do what? Go drink Monster now?

  • monster energy drink

    i tast like pooooo

  • Nihilism


  • dude

    Footage isn’t shaky or grainy enough to accompany Bad Religion.

  • bu

    perillo is awesome. so stylish

  • eh u fukah

    So I guess these guys will drink water out of a Monster can just like all the athletes at X Games and Supercross but kids will think its really Monster. Awesome. Maybe I can come up with a cigarette company and make it cool but the athletes will have candy cigarettes while I sell the real cigarettes to the kids.

  • Wally

    Dillon kills it, one of the best styles I’ve seen in a long time. Good on ya Dillon!