Chippa Wilson & Friends // Maldives // 5:35

posted by / Video / September 23, 2013

Ride in the rumble seat as Chippa Wilson, Benny Godwin and Joel Ford muck around the Maldives. It appears as though the three wise man were in vacation mode — just palling around, wearing funny hats and landing cosmic punts. Chippa doesn’t seem to be very fond of landing backwards when it comes to air reverses, which results in a number of full-rotations for your pleasure-hungry eye. Keep that retina on alert mode at the 2:09 mark as the freckled bastard stomps a sneaky slob alley-oop. And be sure not to miss Chippa’s closing statement at 5:15. Was that thing cool, spastic or a fantastic mix of both?

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  • KJ

    some of the best!

  • Garrett

    God he is so fucking good. I can’t even rap my head around that edit. Purely gold!!

  • Noel

    These guy have some amazing flow !

  • Trevor

    I usually get tired of seeing air reverses but this guy is doing something different.