Chippa Wilson + Nathan Fletcher // Chromatic Trailer // 1:31

posted by / Video / July 26, 2012

The anticipation is already starting to churn as Analog releases their new trailer, CHROMATIC

Chippa and Nathan Fletcher face off with Riley Blakeway behind the lens. A winning formula indeed.

In Analog’s words:

Chroma by definition is the purity of color, or its freedom from monotony. Analog is characterized by our team and influenced by the chroma each individual emits. Color defines us in existence. Color is alive.

Nathan Fletcher

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  • tyler

    Definitely seeing this

  • Ruddy

    yeah, what tyler said..

  • michael

    absolutely! that last big spin is out of control. most awesome move in surfing right now.

  • :)

    something to live for

  • Tino

    Man thats what I’m talking bou’t fool. the shizzzz