Chippa Wilson’s Frontside Big Spin

posted by / Video / February 15, 2011

Chippa Wilson is a different breed of surfer. He’s taking skateboard moves/grabs/spins and applying them to surfing like no one has ever done before. He nearly took out the Kustom Airstrike with his last-minute entry of the first backside big spin ever landed on a surfboard. Wade Goodall also did an ally oop version of a big spin in this Creative Destruction video (0:44).

Well now Chippa is doing them frontside. Although this is an admittedly sketchy landing, it has such a ridiculous level of skill attached to it, I find it hard not to appreciate.

Back in the day when people like Joe Crimo were throwing down shuv-its, people kind of blew them off as a novelty maneuver that didn’t fit in surfing. But with the level guys are at now, I don’t think that’s true anymore. If you can do varials above the lip and land cleanly in transition at the end of a ride, it becomes a legitimate addition to your bag of tricks. Chippa is just taking it a step further and spinning his board a full 360 while adding in a 180 body rotation in the same direction. That’s not bullshit. That’s next level shit. —Jimmicane

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  • Chris Cote

    Who spell checks these post ?

  • Chris Cote

    who spell checks the fake Chris Cote comments?

  • Alex H.

    Who spell checked that comment? Zing!

  • christoballs

    its jimmicane writing, expectations are low. but, didnt wade do this like two years ago??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Mike Morrissey

    Frontside 180 varial. No grab on big spin.

  • Mike Morrissey

    Sick. Chippa does insane airs.

  • bobthebuilder

    That was not a frontside bigspin, that was a varial that magically got stuck in the lip and carried him around……. he landed hawaiian style and then pulled himself around.

    That was garbage, pure flukey garbage

  • bobthebuilder

    that should be called the “doug flutie” because it was a hail mary

  • Jimmicane

    He grabs the board slob, does a varial that rotates 360 degrees and his body rotates 180 degrees in the same direction. Call it a David Garrard to Mike Thomas if you want but it’s fuckin sick.

  • mr. spin

    Yeah, that’s sick. kinda white water rafting though, Jimmy, haha

  • bobthebuilder

    A bigspin is one motion, not 5 and a half, sorry Jimmicane most of the time you are on point but not this time.

  • dave

    that looked like one motion to me..its a fucking surfboard not a skateboard..its not going to spin the same

  • bobthebuilder

    Unfortunately the board does not determine how the trick can be done………That is why it is called the doug flutie

  • Jerry Curl

    That may be hard as hell to pull; I’m sure it is. But, like Jordy’s Superman Airs, it just looks stupid.

    I do a REALLY good Poo Stance. Hard as hell to pull it off like I do, but, again, same logic….

  • Dennis

    Does anyone still work here? Whatever happened to (relatively) frequent new articles? I mean, don’t get me wrong, the 5 O’Clock Doodle is SUPER AWESOME and very very very popular and really on-topic and surf-satisfying, but what about other stuff? “Content” is the industry term.

  • GC

    holy shit you guys are all looney. Bigspin like Appleyard. No. Sick air on a surfboard. Yes. Hail Mary Doug Flutie, possibly so. Worth watching and not whining about. Without a Doubt!! oh yeah, and for the record- they are nowhere near as ugly as the Jordy, Ass in the Air, superman Butt thrusts. They make me vomit through my nose.

  • dave


  • raz is to, what volcom is to RVCA. Once leading, now following while still trying to grow and the irony of puked out ideas coming out of the new Surfing regime is sad. Travis, get some new blood, cause they are not leading, they are following.

  • dave

    maybe they are busy working on the magazine? and not online content, the other mags NEED to give print more effort

  • Slayer

    NO no no, he is not doing things no one has ever done before.
    He is doing a trick done before,but, the industry turned its cheek, yes yes yes!
    Ive seen with my own eyes, yes ye yes! Politics have a way of you the fans not getting a taste of those who have done it before. So us checking this out only see this because Analog pays for it. Which, now, WTF!
    So hopefully we start seeing more surfers like him getting picked up who stand out & hopefully more of this style of surfing & not just Chippa or what I said about the Analog deal is a true statement.

  • Josh Sleigh

    I’ve had the blessing to surf with some crazy cats that have done this trick before in front of me. So my hats off to Chippa for sure.

    Which, I have a thought Surfing Magazine!
    You want some street cred instead of bragging that you got this clip.
    Time you step up to have an Awards event like Surfer Poll on the most progressive skate style surfing. Hell, any industry Brand I dare you!
    Its a discipline over looked for years in surfing until now it seems.