Chris Ward, Mason Ho, Matt King & Friends // Here Today… Gone To Cabo Episode 2 // 11:24

posted by / Video / August 23, 2013

Today, we meet Matt King — a man who has formally won a QS and found himself gracing the prestigious back cover of a magazine. Nowadays, Matt is a construction worker and we’ve just come to learn that his girlfriend broke up with him solely because he was going on this trip. That said, you can bet everything you own on the fact that Matt made the most of his stay in Cabo with Ward. To us, it seems as though that broken heart may have just been mended.

In terms of surfing, we experience the joy of a good Mason Ho session at 2:38. And the wave they surf at 9:55 is just pure awesome.

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  • Michael Taylor

    This Kingpin guy’s hilarious.

  • michael

    No wonder his girlfriend dumped him and he’s not on tour anymore, self pity sucks doesn’t it Kookpin…

  • O.C. dude

    kinger for mayor! he tells it like it is

  • Ben

    I ain’t gonna lie – I love these videos. Reminds me of the Lost of old, a la On The Road With Spike.

  • Reality Bites

    Let this video be a warning to all you B-grade, high-school drop out, pro surfers out there. If you haven’t made it on to the world tour by your early 20’s, it may be time to look for a new profession. Don’t milk it for too long. You could end up looking like Mr. King here.

  • Justanothersurfer

    So Funny I Showed this to my wife. She asked if he was acting or is he really that stupid and drunk? No acting! Then she asked of I ever get like that on surf trips?…..

    Not anymore.

  • michaelsucks

    What is the song at 9:42 – 10:45. And is it on iTunes? and this is classic Lost… good work guys

  • dudeeee

    why is there no good surf clips of kingpin we all knows he fucking kills it at surfing lets see some good shit instead of making him look like a dumbass the whole time

  • Joe Alani

    Dudeee – There’s still one more episode to go.

    Michaelsucks – Tunnel Vision SC. They’re on iTunes.

  • Michaelsucks

    Big ups Joe, those guys killed that track and it was pretty much the perfect song for that party segment haha.

  • Juan

    What a bunch of Douchebags!

  • craiger

    Matt’s one of my best friends hes gone thru alot in his life, but I know he is on his way back to not having to pound 16s lol…. and no its not acting ive been friends with him since sixth grade. He used to make me laugh so hard in math class I would get kicked out of class on an almost daily basis in junior high. Kingers real and not afraid to speak his mind. I hope lost hooks him up with some good footage on the last episode at a secret spot.