Chris Ward + Matt King + Mason Ho // Cabo San Lucas // 12:03

posted by / Video / August 5, 2013

Ride shotgun with Wardo as he takes the most unlikely passage to Cabo

The latest misadventure, post “Ward Stories”

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17 Responses to “Chris Ward + Matt King + Mason Ho // Cabo San Lucas // 12:03”

  1. TCB says:

    Wardo seems like a great friend!

  2. GhostofWardo says:

    What I wanna know is what the fuc@ happened to the missing episodes of Ward Stories? I was following the highly entertaining antics of this fool Ward only to find out that several,of the stories were censored or wouldn’t flat out work? Wtf?
    Can someone help?

  3. Cyrus ward says:

    What a shit vid. Bunch of fkn idiots with a collective iq of 12

  4. Chris ward says:

    Yeah I’ll help with a slap to your head fool

  5. Chris ward says:

    Cyrus your the idiot do you surf or rip the ripples in you bath tube kook!

  6. Chris ward says:

    I laugh at you all hahaha!

  7. matt says:

    No spare, no jack. Dumbfuck.

  8. Joseph P. Crimo II says:

    last time i checked, they didn’t require a minimum I.Q for pro surfers. It probably helps to have a lower IQ to surf those heavy ass waves like Pipe or Tahiti. Shane Dorian probably has the lowest IQ of any surfer, that guy charges hard!

  9. ivan says:

    so they have a lower iq or they don’t. they’re having a good time surfing some good waves. they are not hurting anyone. you don’t have to watch it. go surfing and quit judging. enjoy life. criticizing wastes everyone’s time. surf then surf some more.

  10. plump blumpkin says:

    this is amazing

  11. GhostofWardo says:

    Methinks the missing Wardo episodes were so over the top that not even Wardo himself, despite the previous tomfoolery, could let em stand. I wanted to see the episode where he drives his boat into oncoming giant waves capsizing himself, his old lady and others. Oh well….guess not.
    Keep the stories coming though….Wardo is such a $hit show ….he’s just brilliant. The poster boy of Dumbfuc surfers!
    Viva El Wardo.

  12. Collin says:

    Classic lost vid! Reminds me of the good ole days of “All Gone Wrong” and “On the Road with Spike”. Lost has always had classic characters in their vids, whether they rip or not.

  13. haaaa says:

    everyone talks shit over the computer but all of you are too big of pussies to say anything in person. Kinger is the man and needs to be in more lost videos, he makes the video

  14. Jess says:

    The best part of this video is when Chris Ward makes him self like a total SCUMBAG LOSER. Matt seems super sweet and kind hearted and Matt just slaps him. What a punk bitch. Matt should of beat the crap out of him. This whole video seems like its just made to make Chris look cool. Pathetic. Heart of Gold…haha. Right.

  15. Jess says:

    Chris just slaps him”’

  16. The Hoff says:

    How high is Kinger?!!! im sure all the oxyies hes sniffin doesnt help his surfing or his IQ

  17. steamers says:

    10:27. Ridic…

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