Chris Zaffis // Australia // 1:23

posted by / Video / March 26, 2014

Chris Zaffis is 16-years-old and here’s a clip of him not doing air reverses. That’s impressive. A 16-year-old, a web edit, 0 air reveres? Sounds farfetched, but it’s true. Chris is fluent on the rail and his style is pleasing on the pupil. Is it crazy to say he looks like a mini-mini-Mick? Well we just did. Do something about it.

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  • Jason J

    refreshing to watch a kid follow the pocket down the line…as opposed to racing to an air revo. the caption says it all

  • Collin

    Wow! Love the rail game from Chris. This is definitely impressive surfing for a 16 year old, and he definitely looks like a young Mick. I daresay he looks slightly more powerful than Mick at this age.

  • anyone

    fun clip, good music and the kid knows combos.

    surfing mag, keep this shit coming

    there is tons of interest beyond the bullshit corpo tour.

    embrace the market that ignores your revenue stream.

    imagine reporting instead of advertising?

    we know that sounds unlikely, but a huge demo of actual surfers don’t give a shit about your advetisers.

    advertisers….? I meant parasites.

  • yeah guy

    kind of a weak wave, one that does not really allow for airs any how. Also, with that mushy shoulder, it forces you to stay in/near the pocket (or as the commentators like to call it, “the power source”). Kid surfs well, so I would love to see him on a better wave. But this one session clip at such a mush wave is not my favorite. Just my two cents.

  • Dave Nickel WA

    The lad rips! Pure rail/carve surfing. How refreshing to see a kid who embraces the grace and fluency of being at one with Mother Ocean and not simply throwing random unco manoeuvres to fluke a mag shot. Well dome Chris & SURFING Magazine. Keep it coming!!! And yes, I believe he has an air repertoire also.