SURFING Presents: Clay Is Clay

posted by / Video / August 20, 2014

A physicist might say that all things are in a perpetual state of change, but there are a few things that seem to find a way to resist. Or at least a few people. Clay Marzo is one of them. No matter how drastically the details of his life may change, Clay is Clay and he always will be. After Marzo got dropped by his foremost sponsor, sustained a serious injury and dabbled with obscurity, we took him to West Oz with Matt Meola. We learned that Clay is still socially cumbersome. He still gets rabidly excited. And he is still doing shit that nobody else can do on a surfboard — click play for proof.

See the full story Waves are Waves and Clay is Clay in our Issue 10, 2014.

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  • Phuck u

    Damn clay really looks like he’s slumming it after getting dropped by quapsilver.

  • kepler

    that was nuts.. def one of the best edits i’ve seen this year.

  • River Mckegney

    This is so sick, i wish i could download the vid.

  • asp judge

    matt meola is just as freakish as clay on some sections!!!

  • Alberto Alfieri Zellner

    ”freak” at the end was priceless

  • oceanminded1

    Clay’s got the best lay-backs. That last wave was legit….

  • jp

    Thank you SURFING.

  • yoelperu

    the goofy footed Dane Reynolds, plus he charges!!

  • surfher


  • Gidget

    Great video! It brought me joy watching Clay. Surfing brings our Creator joy!

  • Ian Wilson

    Larry Bertleman created his namesake surf maneuver, “The Bert”.
    Check the Visio at minute 2:45 and see Clay Marzo’s perform “The Clayback”.
    Cheers Clay!

  • Leigh Mitchell

    Song names?

  • trogPOUNDA

    quiksilver = kooks

  • thiago ramos

    incrible! veryyyy god!
    thanks Clay!

  • Mik

    joy. i think that Quik shouldn’t have mentioned the Asbergers label. the public is so judgmental , it killed interest. They could have just said Clay follows the beat of his own rad drum, and let his surfing do the talking… because his surfing is a combo of Occy’s instinctual power, Dane’s radicalness, and Curren’s flow. that was an amazingly creative little vid. thnx!!!!!

  • Pipeline

    There is NOBODY like CLAY he is absolutely the best and could care less about the rest!
    Do your thing CLAY! Lucky are the people that get the pleasure of filming this magic he creats Clay is ONE with the ocean and its a beautiful thing Aloha CLAY Marzo!

  • Mik

    wrong. Quiksilver = rad. Kelly for 20 + years / Dane / Jeremy / Freddie P. / Pottz / Carroll / the list is amazing. I’m just saying in Clay’s case they might have done it different. and Clay might have made some adjustments too.


    Frankie! great music in this thing!

  • Pipeline

    CLAY MARZO IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!! NOBODY surfs like that! If they do the learned it from Clay. Like Glenn Plake!! CLAY MARZO EXTREME SURFER!
    You deserve that cover Clay! And more…keep it up

  • tony mazone

    Clay is my 2nd cousin, his father is my 1st cousin, we grew up in SGV! Clay you are the best and most amazing to watch! We love you and your grandma marzo would love to hear from you and is so proud of you !!!! I love your work and hope to meet you some day clay!!! Surf for yourself and noone else clay. Waves are GODS toys right clay.
    love tony mazone

  • cretin_on_photography

    one of the best spontaneity in surfing, i hope to have chance to shoot him one day

  • Cassandra Powell


  • turtles

    whats the last song?!?!?!

  • turtles

    last song?!?