Clay Marzo // Maui Rights // 2:51

posted by / Video / April 18, 2011

Edit: Westside Pride Media/SUPERbrand

The Clif’s Notes from this footy of Clay:

    1. He’s going right, over and over, meaning Quik didn’t accidentally sign Ry Craike twice after all.
    2. Clay’s “tube sense” — stupid term, but easier than “ability to read and predict the lip’s movements to time his entry and exit from the barrel” — could be the best of any human who isn’t either dead or in the Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer game.

Truly, wow.


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  • daaaammmm

    …that was sick!!

  • R. Osteriz

    Is that “Goose” Welch? Where has he been?

  • KPWahine

    Marzo is my fav!

  • suferkid111

    Marzo’s the man

  • KIMO

    Has Surfing been paid off by Quiksilver for posting all of these Marzo videos?

  • thatguy

    Wave’s sick. Reminds me of a mix of keramas and that one right in campaign from kelly’s part in the Caribbean. Lets play tennis, clay.

  • Adam Klevin

    Happy everyone likes the edit. This is brought to you by Superbranded surfboards and Westside Pride Media. We create eight edits a month that post on Supers site and
    Quiksilver helps sponsor the later of the two but hasn’t paid off the msg.
    Surfing just likes our work I guess.

    Oh and “Goose” has been a regular working man lately, but he can still punt huge airs and get mental barrels. Randy “Goose” Welch has more raw talent in his little pinky than most mortal men even have.

    Aloha and thanks for watching.