Clay Marzo // Sorry, We’re Open Extras // 12:37

posted by / Video / March 6, 2012

He’s easily one of the most exciting surfers from our generation

And this just goes to show it — 12+ minutes of A footage. No such thing as too much Clay

Some said “Sorry, We’re Open” had too much Clay Marzo. Sorry, heres some more. SUPERbrand presents; from the archives. “Sorry, I’m Clay.”

— SUPERbrand Surfboards

clay marzo

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  • kyle


  • Mik

    Is there a better surfer alive than Clay Marzo? Has there ever been a better surfer than Clay Marzo? No. And no. I do not think so. True, he hardly ever resorts to trivial on-the-face maneuvers like full-on round-houses, but apparently only because they aren’t rad enough compared to what he can do. Still, to be in that top dog place, he is going to have to do the big moves in the most heavy places, like Andy. Other than that, let’s face reality: Clay Marzo is it. IT. He’s in another realm, and I hope he stays there, and goes further. I also hope he gets back to that lean physical state again too… Because those food obsession big plate lunches are going to derail his train, and his train is the Bullet-Train with a Super-Turbo-induction engine. There is no other train like it on Planet Earth.

  • Props

    Gotta give clay credit, his tube sense is absolutely off the charts

  • michael

    Best left foot front surfer in the world, ever.

  • 1FromTheCheapSeats

    another one-of-a-kind critique, mik and ya went all charlie ma-sheen at the end too for bonus points.
    nice touch, keep up the good work.
    and do we miss chas smith to beat up on anymore?
    didn’t think so …