Clay Marzo: SUPERhuman

posted by / Video / June 1, 2010

SUPERbrand, maker of Clay Marzo’s surfboards, has actually begun receiving federal tax credits for the green energy generated by Clay’s signature tail-whips. The speed and frequency of Clay’s massive spins act in much the same way as a wind turbine, putting clean, non-petroleum-based energy back into the grid. SUPERbrand and Clay Marzo: Changing the world, one air at a time. Exclusive film edit from SUPERbrand/Adam Klevin, thanks boys.

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  • Glenn Walton VIVAPINA

    Clay thanks for your entertaining fun spirited surfing
    You have put a new chapter into our ever evolving art
    Wish I had a test rider like you. Cheers and Vivapina

  • al

    What about ally oops???

  • chargers

    I thought Super is going out of biz?