Clay Marzo // The Comeback // 8:23

posted by / Video / April 5, 2011

Clay’s notorious appetite sees him gobble on 30 new pounds of flesh when an MCL sprain takes him out of the water. Then, in a testament to the Marzo metabolism, he surfs it all back off. This video from Westside Pride Media is stunning, on a number of levels.


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4 Responses to “Clay Marzo // The Comeback // 8:23”

  1. Big rigg says:

    Epic post, Surfing mag. Way to work it off Clay!!
    much respect!

  2. Jp says:

    great, great return, great energy in the drill …

    be possible to know what type of brace is? I suffer from the same knee two injury … ?

    way to go Clay! cool!

  3. sswink says:

    @ Jp, Its the CTI model from innovation sports

  4. 16 oc says:

    Is there a reason Katie Perry’s firework song wasn’t included in the video?

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