Clay Marzo // Western Australia // 3:57

posted by / Video / July 24, 2013

Where’s Clay been lately?

Happily scoring, without the agenda


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  • Mik

    Clay is the 9th wonder of the world… 8th being Kelly Slater.

    How can it be, that in an allegedly creative world of surf, and surf brands, that no one has realized that Parko, and many other high profile surf talents, only barely dream of what Marzo actually does. And therefore, he IS marketable.

    All the natural flow and power of a next generation Occy, with his own brand of maneuvers that mystify us. The more he is different, the more I like his indifference.
    or visa versa?

    I’m stoked to see him slim and on point, and want to see more. more more. on waves in Indo that will really show off his ability. Or in the mix at Backdoor and Off the Wall. Places where legends are made, because in the world of my mind, Clay Marzo is legend material.

  • Ben

    Clay is radical, though hate to say it Mik, Parko’s tube riding in hollow rights is every bit of Clay’s and then some.

  • Mik


    Definitely… And Joel is one of my favorite surfer…

    But Parko has never even done (at least on video that I have seen) the air or off the lip rotations that Marzo does, at amazing speeds, nor have allot of the top WCT surfers.

    Truth is, there are very very few surfers on Clay’s overall level.

    This footage doesn’t feature much of that, but I wanted to wave Clay’s flag, because he is a legend. One of the top 5 pure surf talents of all time.

    I would like to see him at Lance’s Right, Desert Point, Keramas,Cloudbreak, and Teahupu’u. He needs to learn those waves.