Clay Marzo // The World Is SUPER // 3:02

posted by / Video / May 7, 2014

If you’ve been wondering where Clay Marzo has been lately, it’s here — on Maui. And if you’ve been wondering what Clay Marzo has been doing lately, it’s this — getting extraordinarily barreled. SUPER just sent this clip over and it lives up to the superlative. That closing clip at 2:45 doesn’t make any sense, at all.

If you’re pondering Clay’s next move, we’ll have you know that he’s currently on a trip to West Oz with SURFING’s Brent Bielmann. More on that coming soon.

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  • Gonzo Dodah

    Clay can read waves better than anyone. He knows what the wave’s going to do before it does. Best wave rider there is! More enlightening to watch than anyone else.

  • Tabke

    F-ing ripping surfing.

    Filming and editing are out of this world, too.


  • nobody


  • ns

    Guy is a genius. Light years ahead. Simply brilliant.

  • Pipeline

    Clay is as INSANE good as it gets. Just keeps blowing minds. BEST IN THE WORLD! What are these people thinking??? I agree….SIGN CLAY MARZO! He is a game changer. Give him your logo “sticker” and let him go…..AND MAKE YOU LOOK GOOD!