Cody Thompson + Chase Wilson // Newport Beach // 1:35

posted by / Video / February 23, 2011

With these tunes and these playful little waves, you’d swear it were summer if not for the fullsuits. Cody Thompson and Chase Wilson make the most of some soft-lipped Newport peaks. Small swell? That’s one less excuse.



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  • miguel


  • christoballs

    eh…….. much eh…

  • twists

    that was so fucking boring, im sorry. And im a florida boy.

  • kent

    too bad that a small day in newport would equal an outstanding day here in charleston s.c….dude if you want small wave sesh please come see me…because that would be a big day here…

  • mr. spin

    fu-k yeah! Newport, bro! I’m going there next trip for sure! Anyone know where I can stay?

  • dave

    nobody comments on anything unless they can talk trash…fuck you

  • jim

    this was awesome the first time when they were 10 years old….i’d rather watch someone power surf and not do a single air.

  • dave

    then dont watch the clip….its pretty simple