Coffin Bros. + Dillon Perillo // Santa Barbara // 5:32

posted by / Video / February 22, 2011


“I’m like a bad luck charm.”

“No, you just sleep when the waves are good.

The Young Wise Tails and pal Dillon Perillo suit up for some runners at Rinca-con.


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5 Responses to “Coffin Bros. + Dillon Perillo // Santa Barbara // 5:32”

  1. yup says:

    killin it, the ender was sick.

  2. jimmicanes replacement says:

    I thought these dudes were big wave guys ? Maybe one day it will be the Rincon Masters and all the nutz guys will come to Rincon once a year to battle the two wise tails.

  3. Nimby says:

    Big wave guys? Where’d you get that? You sound a little confused dummy…

  4. twists says:

    @5:12, yeah I felt that. haha Sick clip.

  5. Media House says:

    Ya totally thought these twins were big wave guys. Someone said they were the only kids surfing waves over 4ft.

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