Coffin Bros. + Evan G. // Narrabeen // 1:46

posted by / Video / January 9, 2011


Narrabeen is a suburb north of Sydney and the site of the Billabong World Junior Championships (happening now). Here’s Conner and Parker Coffin and Evan Geiselman popping off between heats, like little jumping beans. Conner especially looks like a jellybean in that Hurley wetsuit, like maybe the Tutti Frutti flavor, which is a good one.






As an aside, I finally get the name of the Coffin brothers’ blog, “Young Wise Tails.” Like old wives’ tales. Boy, am I slow. Good thing I don’t work with words for a living.
















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  • jameson

    had to use reatard didnt u lil fukers. cut it

  • king kong

    flip will stomp a mudhole in your ass

  • Flip Bellinzoni

    Yo Jackoff Jameson come to NY so you can find out the truth,pluck your limbs out like an insect,and stomp you out in many sports,id expect nothing less from some shit talkin coward who doesnt know me,i can back up my talk face to face!!!Choose your weapon or sport you want to fall to me from…

  • Flip Bellinzoni

    Props to the Coffin Bros for mentioning the truth!
    Sometimes things arent always what they seem to be,i was labelled
    too Hardcore for the mainstream of public eye surfing,and it became
    a sh#t slinging sabotage conspiracy that i became the scapegoat and
    fabricated enemy…my videos before the final print of the Decline
    disappeared somehow…dont let a few curses turn you into a
    fag,(like no one else ever cursed before)…just because the lie
    exists doesnt mean that im gonna listen or give up and quit~ill be
    right in ya face pushin the crossripping or skating,surfing and
    snowboarding like Alwayz!!!

  • brian cleary

    damn dude did you make it past 5th grade? you sound like an idiot. too hardcore for mainstream surfing??? obviosly its something else going on. maybe the crack or heroin your doing is plucking away your brain cells. cross ripping??? sounds more like cross dressing. i hear it does get weird up there in NY, So I will stay over here and let you “pluck” yourself until you Decline completely from the surfing civilization. give up bro, you had your one second of fame from …lost and if they did keep you around, you must really be a real fag crossretarded heroin shooting scumbag. put down your surfboard and pick up your weapon (a crack pipe) and go back under the bridge… like ALWAYZ…. hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahhahahahhahahahahha FLIP