Coffin Bros. // Lower Trestles // 4:03

posted by / Video / August 25, 2011

Conner Coffin

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  • So what?

    Put Medina in this kind of waves and he’ll smash then. Need’s to improve his style for sure, but he’s years ahead of all the over hyped kid’s 17,18 and even 20’s around the globe. Period. Waves of consequence: all of them need to prove that…

  • Augusto Zin

    what the name of music?

  • whattt youre lame so what

    yeah right dude… dont you know you cant someone style. coffins have amazing style and the oldest looks a lot like dane. who cares if some brazzo can spin reverses, it still looks like shit if theres no power in the turns. keep ruling you guys

  • bufu

    Connor was ripping in this vid. Great power and style. But everyone needs to stop hating on all the Brazzos. Fact is the best young surfer in the world is gabriel medina.
    Also don’t forget that the surfing was done at Lowers. That wave can make anyones surfing look good.