Coffin Brothers // Lower Trestles // 3:20

posted by / Video / April 27, 2011

Conner Coffin

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6 Responses to “Coffin Brothers // Lower Trestles // 3:20”

  1. bergman says:

    where did the post go of photos of the coffin cover party

  2. D. says:

    parker backside looks like jadson andre’s

  3. Whaa says:

    rich boiiiis

  4. Dudester says:

    So what if they are rich. Nowadays, you have to be rich to be born & raised in coastal California….(O-Side being a possible exception).

  5. ghandi says:

    these guys seem normal
    unlike the newport tool fest

    if your fam has money, they have money
    i wish mine had more as well.
    get over it bud. they rip regarless. keep rippin coffin bros.

  6. twon says:

    actually this video was super boring cause lowers sucks

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