Trailer: Coming Up For Air

posted by / Video / March 29, 2014

Do not watch this before surfing chest high bowls. It will do nothing for you, watch this clip of Yago Dora instead. But then come back to this one, maybe with a glass of whiskey. Rocks, of course — the fuck out of here with your Old Fashioned. And watch this to be entertained. To be intrigued. To appreciate what’s happening in the cold dark corners of the Eastern Atlantic. Mickey Smith’s Coming Up For Air will drop in early March. Have a whiskey ready.

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  • Bobby

    Nice video work….great job..”

  • Steve

    That looks so boring and over arted . The voice is so over dramatic . I’m sure the waves are heavy as hell but jeez who would sit thru a slo mo movie in black and white with that voice? Surprising he’s not speaking in Gaelic and using subtitles for extra drama…