Conner Coffin // El Rincon // 4:30

posted by / Video / January 28, 2014

During last week’s swell, the Coffin family welcomed us into their home to shoot for an upcoming profile in SURFING. Although Parker was in Hawaii for the Pro Junior event at Sunset, this was our only opportunity of the 2014 winter to shoot with Conner in the environment that groomed his rare breed of surfing.

Mid-way through the first session at Rincon, it was apparent an edit by Young Wise Tails was being conceived. Conner was on fire. Over the next couple days Conner continued to go ballistic, while Ryan Perry hit record over and over and over again.

Conner has grown into something of a local celebrity around his hometown of Montecito and nearby Santa Barbara. At age 20, he handles it with ease and neglects no one, anywhere, at any time. He’s always willing to say hello and chat about recent travels or the past days of waves.

And it’s only a matter of time before that same celebrity spreads through the rest of the USA and the world. As you can see from this video, Conner has the traits of many people’s future “favorite surfer.” —Jimmicane

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  • mike

    why do the coffin’s/YWT clips always have the sickest tunes? the surfing is always very on point but what makes the clips so enjoyable are when the shreding is complemented with excellent melodies!!!

  • pfttt…

    Surfing and music tastes beyond his years.

  • jose

    Sick video!What song is this?

  • Vitor

    I don´t like Coffin’s surfing. It’s not even close to ‘power surfing’, he turns too far from the lip, he is not progressive and too many in-betweens turn without expression. I think he is not talented and has just a name.

  • zeus

    vitor, you must have never surfed rincon. if you had, you’d understand his pace on this wave. watch the “Highline” edit of the coffins surfing j-bay. you can watch him trade waves with knox, arguably one of the best power surfers ever. he’s 20, when he’s 26 and has 15lbs more muscle on him he’ll be a force to reckon with.

  • BOBO

    that pulled back angle at 1:45 really shows the beauty of the wave, i wonder why it´s not used more often… great vid though.

  • G

    Duane Allman forever. And I agree that the angle/zoom at around 2:00 is really enjoyable.

  • The Dude

    Allman Brothers Band ‘Whipping Post’ Allman brothers have a million good tunes, check em out kids

  • Ty

    Conner coffin is a midget so power surfing is ner impossible.

  • Max Bressan

    Gotta love The Allman Brothers never heard them to surfing before…..Sick

  • Ben

    A bit of Gerr-en in that style.

  • Bitter Kook

    Don’t get me wrong, Connor is an awesome surfer and a turn-machine but in terms of entertainment, ALL HE DOES IS TURNS. Kinda boring for 4:30 min. Highline was the same.

  • USMA Cadet

    I agree Bitter Kook….most boring thing to watch ever, annoying hipster music as well.

  • ct

    allman brothers all day

  • Antonio

    How can you claim that this is boring surfing? This is absolute perfect surfing, incredibly useful for everyone. He is destroying each and every single wave. And this is solid power surfing…..

  • RG

    I’d love to see all the haters on this thread surf better than that! All the good surfers surf Rincon like that. Conner can do anything he wants to and he’s only twenty. Not every wave has to have an air in it. He’s just carving and groovin at Rincon!

  • Spencer

    Conner is probably the coolest guy ive met. He responds to people on instagram and will talk to you about surfing like another person thats just stoked on the sport. He completely acts like a regular 20 year old and isnt caught up in the hype of him being an incredible surfer with a super bright future ahead of him. He’s one of my favorite surfers, and when a friend of mine won his board in a raffle at a CI party, he was just as stoked as my friend.

  • Tg

    calling Allman Brothers hipster music is the most hilarious thing i have ever heard. you would be closer if you called it rap music.

  • John

    Any one who isn’t impressed with that surfing is high.
    That is incredible, smooth power surfing. Like @zeus said he’s only 20 so wait until he fills out a little more and is in his mid 20’s…he will be tearing harder than ever.
    He already rips the shit out of every wave, has such a smooth, naturally flowing style and generates an insane amount of speed.

    To top it off Conner sounds like a super cool, down to earth kid and that’s all I’ve ever heard about him.

    Definitely one of my favorite surfers to watch.