Conner Coffin // Lower Trestles // 2:08

posted by / Video / October 5, 2011

Conner Coffin, Young Wise Tails

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  • Matt

    Hmmm, watched this 4 times I’m embarrassed to say.
    They didn’t show the beginning of AB’s 6.87, but if it was just that turn to backside reverse, I think 6.87 was too high. They didn’t show the end of AB’s 8.67 but if there was nothing else that seems a little high especially after watching the rest of the contest (similar waves got lower scores).
    I thought CC’s first wave was better than a 5.67 but that score would have been thrown out anyway. His 7.5 seemed fair. His last wave was about right.
    In conclusion, CC should have squeaked out a win rather than a very close loss but it was closer than shit.
    At 18, he will get his revenge.

  • Fred Cutback Davis

    how sore is your ass? cuz you just got fucked.

  • shane foley

    board looks slow for conor, glad he came back though :)

  • tity

    the kid got robbed!! ace is kook… well not really a kook just boring a f@ck to watch. those last 3 turns were nicer than anything that kermit the frog sounding guy did.