Conner Coffin // Santa Barbara // 2:22

posted by / Video / March 16, 2011

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  • Mandingo

    Stay in school. Unless there is a fly away kick out tour then I guess you may have a chance.

  • dude

    Jeez you guys are late with this one. It’s already been ripped to pieces by the Auzzies and Brazzies.

  • benj

    just cause you can afford your own full-time filmer, doesn’t mean you need to post all your missed flyaways.

    where’s surfing’s filter for this old garbage. this was gassed days ago. save us some a-clips, conn-man.

  • youruncle

    Mandingo, has already expressed his feelings towards this video on every other surf mag site… He must love his office job! get a life hater!