Conner Coffin // WASTED! // 2:32

posted by / Video / June 2, 2011


This trip was featured in our 2010 Competition Issue [“One on One (on One, on One),” Dec. 2010] and the footy’s just now leaking out through the fingers and hard drives of our boy, the wonderful Riley Blakeway. He likes to keep us hanging.

According to Jimmicane, who photographed the trip, Conner dominated every session like a man among boys — which makes sense, as he was the oldest of the groms, and as Conner is absolutely splendid in every way. Especially on the surfboards.


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  • tity

    tity just bought teva shoes, tity like teva shoes!

  • Mik

    Who’s the band in this clip? Me like.

  • Mike

    sonic youth is the band the song is called kool thing

  • scott

    Riley, killing it yet again.

  • The King

    Yabba dabba dooooooo! Freddie Rubble looks to be treating him well these days…

  • ChajerBoi

    riley – my favorite filmer/editor for sure. he keeps his flicks real and the way they should be – no gay songs.

  • Fred Rubble

    That’s the Fred Rubble alright. See more of Conner on the Fred Rubble on Channel Islands Surfboards’ site.

    I’ll take a brand new 5’9″ please. With those orange hexes.

  • yeah guy

    @Fred Rubble – wow. (sarcastic undertone)

  • Angry

    So fucking shit.

  • Steve Shearer

    Boy those wealthy sponnoed So.Cal kids on all expenses paid Ment’s trips are getting pretty wild these days.


    Tame and tepid as fucking luke warm dishwater.

  • Kung Fu Panda

    Wow. A trip to the Mentawai’s with a bunch of spoiled brats from Cali. Now that’s innovative.