Cooper Chapman & Ace Buchan // Mid Coast, Australia // 2:37

posted by / Video / May 17, 2012

Video by Ant Martin

Coop and Ace do their thang — what a contrast between approaches

So, which do you prefer?

Cooper Chapman

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8 Responses to “Cooper Chapman & Ace Buchan // Mid Coast, Australia // 2:37”

  1. Jim says:

    This video does not do ace justice. Guy surfs way better than the video shows

  2. Backdoor Ben says:

    I agree with Jim

  3. jake ericson says:

    I miss Bobby Martinez … need his style back on tour.
    Just remove the sound when interviews come on.

  4. jake ericson says:

    agreed, not best footage of ace… editor…

  5. No guy says:

    has ace ever let his fins out of the water?

  6. bobby d says:

    did ace’s grandmother put his part together?

  7. billy says:

    Ace surfs better than this, but can only edit what footage is captured… Still good though

  8. ooops says:

    adriano de souza is hell to watch surf

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