Cory Lopez // Hawaii, Brazil & Florida // 3:52

posted by / Video / March 2, 2012

cory lopez

Only Cory can make Florida look as appealing as Hawaii

It’s pretty easy to be a Cory fan.


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4 Responses to “Cory Lopez // Hawaii, Brazil & Florida // 3:52”

  1. Mik says:

    oooooh. that was epoch. hard to understand how he dropped off the Tour. victim of top tier bias i’d have to say, because he just smoked the bottom half of the WCT with this video, and is crazily similar to Taj. go full-on with the WQS Corey! or get more vids going is significant surf, like Indo… And more Chopes.

  2. sean says:

    Cory’s back!!! I miss watching his surfing approach! Its like watching the old lost movies all over again. Great post, more cory!

  3. Fanny Alger says:

    Kills it in any condition, totally underrated and awesome style.

  4. Chuck Charlers says:

    Here’s a tip for making the tour: start flailing wildly on spins and acting like you’re about to fall after every air before pulling it out at the last minute. Judges love that shit. Cory’s killing it, if people don’t see that it’s a damn travesty.

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