Creative Destruction Ch. 2: The Kids of Mission Mexico

posted by / Video / July 12, 2010


Creative Destruction is like having a Wade Goodall remote control — you press a button, he does what you want. In Chapter 2, Wade and Sterling Spencer descend into Tapachula, Mexico, to learn how to laugh all over again. Tapachula is home to Mission Mexico, a youth refuge where kids come to escape the harsh realities of a disadvantaged upbringing. Wade and Sterling share waves and smiles with their new amiguitos; both surfers describe the experience as life-altering.


Voting is now under way for Chapter 4:

West Coast, USA

Burning Man: The wildest party on earth.
Motor-home our way from Los Angeles into the desert east of San Francisco.


East Coast, USA

Gulf Coast Oil Spill: The biggest f—k-up on earth.
Go see for ourselves the impact of BP’s oil disaster.


Visit to vote, and stay tuned for Chapter 3 — currently in production according to the viewers’ choice last month. The first chapter of Creative Destruction has been viewed over 70,000 times and counting — and Wade’s just getting started.

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  • Ray

    Each day, doctors, teachers, and educated people are making differences in the lives around them. They don’t need a video of themselves to affirm their contributions to society. This is a PR surf industry video and nothing more. Please re-title the video: Babysitting in Mexico.

  • sean

    Ray, your right. every day these people get to do something they love and that adds value to the world. Respect to those people and the choices and contribution they make.

    and wade had a choice on if he wanted to surf/hang in mexico with these kids and draw awareness to their plight plus add value at the time or go surf somewhere that had pumping waves and be self consuming.

    now get off your keyboard and instead of knocking someone else down get off your ar$e and do something positive.

  • non hater

    I speak from a mate of wades point of view and i can guarantee you Ray that this was no PR stunt, Wade was moved by the somewhere near tapachula film and made a decision to take what he knows to the kids who have discovered surfing.

    You keep on hating mate it suits you.

  • Insight

    Nobody needs videos to affirm contributions to society. However, if one has the means to shine a positive message, then why not? This world doesn’t have enough good news. You just sound like a little bird who’s sad he doesn’t have a video of himself.

  • conclusion

    In conclusion: everybody hates Ray.

  • Ray

    It’s interesting that none of you actually address my comment. Beyond babysitting, no difference was made. Lots of babysitters teach checkers that touch lives everyday…wow. Tears falling right now with so much emotion.

  • jesse keanoa

    the world truly needs more folks like this, very few of us are unselfish as this devoted people. i send all my +energy to then your soul will always be at peace..

  • B

    As a teacher myself, I can safely say that every day I influence the lives of the young children I teach. When this video came out I was moved, and not because I thought “Oh aren’t those surfers great for doing that” but because they had actually made an effort to show the world this place in Mexico, and the incredible spirit of the children. The emotion felt by the surfers is genuine, because as Sean mentioned, they had a choice to film this, and selflessly gave up their time to do so.

    Ray, I agree that many, many people in the world do wonderful, charitable things every day and are not driven by recognition. However, Wade and his friends decided to show the contributions they made to open up our eyes to a place we might have never heard of. This wasn’t done out of greed, or pride; it was done to make people aware. And I believe that if you are charitable, and help people, you would want others to do so as well, and by educating people about a situation, you can gather more people with your generosity to help.

    My point is I do not think it is fair to judge people who do show their contributions as “PR stunts” but rather as people who want to open up your eyes to something you may never have given two thoughts about.