Da Hui Backdoor Shootout Day 1 Highlights

posted by / Video / January 9, 2012

Video by Mike Prickett


While your west coast spots lit up over the past week, so did Pipe.

Easily the best video from the Hawaiian season. Multiple angles for your viewing pleasure. Plus, how-to ride the foam ball with Bruce Irons at the 3:06 mark

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  • dman

    Looks sick, nice job. great to see all the angles.

  • pol pot

    damnnn how was bruces fuckin barrel!!!

  • Poop

    After watching the video im Pretty sure Jon Jon is the best surfer in the world right now (well aside from Slater). Nobody else can compete with his versatility. In 2ft he throws some of the sickest airs and hacks. In 15ft he gets the best barrels. I cant think of anyone else who does that.