Damien Fahrenfort // Bali, Indonesia // 3:35

posted by / Video / August 23, 2012

The man behind Dooma’s Rumors seeks out the rights on the East side of Bali

Charles Manson willingly agreed to do the voice-over

Damein Fahrenfort

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  • apphh

    what the fuck is with the charles manson voice over?

  • martin baltodano

    that was kinda trippy.

  • allrailnotail

    considering dooma’s size, he has zero power

  • Nick

    just put a good song i like the way you surf but I couldn’t watch :(

  • rogermeras

    pretty lame, hipster clinger

  • Mail

    Was that really Charles Manson speaking? Or some other physco?

  • Sliding Sense

    Bullshit voice over. Super disrespectful. Haole bimbos who surf for a living continue to be clueless.

  • Scumbag steve

    This was done before. Not original.

  • Jarrif


  • the dude

    “Haole bimbos who surf for a living continue to be clueless”
    Project much?
    The voiceover did seem out of place though

  • Mik

    Sounds like GW Bush…

  • Bro

    I thought it was perfect.

  • nh

    The surfing sucks…Voice over was lame. I don’t know how in this economy he gets paid to surf.