Damien Hobgood // California // 2:52

posted by / Video / April 11, 2014

Damien Hobgood was a staple on the World Championship Tour for over a decade. He’s now off tour and on his own program, chasing waves — big and small — wherever he so pleases. Here he meanders around California, cruising silky smooth through Seaside and going HAM at scary Ocean Beach. And since we can no longer watch him on a world tour webcast, edits like this will have to suffice for now.

Edit: Jensen Young Sik

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  • Trevor

    One of the best clips Ive ever seen on here

  • sean

    that got me pumped!

  • Jacob

    Yew! Keep ripping damo!

  • Collin

    Damo is one of the smoothest surfers on the planet. It’s nice to see him get some clips. That OB footage is pretty raw.

    Maybe now that Damo is off the tour he will focus on putting out a signature film or even doing the BWWT!

  • loboy

    I love you.

  • Jay

    Damien is just not a competitive surfer. He’s not good in heats. He needs to go the free-surfer route. Dude can rip for sure.

  • Brad

    He handles big gnar waves with the greatest style. Not the flashiest in small stuff but a real man around boys when it comes to the thick stuff. The absolute opposite of me! The Secret Machine movie is a good example.