Dane Reynolds // Mexico // 2:23

posted by / Video / February 14, 2013

From Mainland Mexico, with love

Dane’s such a romantic


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8 Responses to “Dane Reynolds // Mexico // 2:23”

  1. Miki Dora says:

    DAN THE MAN!!!!!!!

  2. thedude says:

    sick song tho ha.

  3. yeah guy says:

    I like what you did there… the old bait and switch, titled it “Dan Reynolds // Mexico” but really it was an ad for trunks. nice work.

  4. Ben says:

    As long as that man has feet on a board, he’s in the conversation for best surfer in the world. Even Slater doesn’t rail turn like that at such high speed.

  5. Jason Miller says:

    @yeah guy, I got you good.

  6. jeremy says:

    he keeps getting better its unreal. mindbending

  7. yeah guy says:

    @Jason Miller РTouch̩

  8. Miki Dora says:

    i think he surfs significantly better in trunks

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