Dane & Crew // A Rainy Day in France // 6:08

posted by / Video / July 11, 2011

From Hossegor to San Sebastian to the bar, the art show, the club. C’est la vie.

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  • Maria

    Ah Dane, love of my life! sick clip too!


  • Ben

    Anybody wonder why it takes Dane to recover so long from injuries?

  • Jeff

    I want my five minutes back…

  • JT

    OH MY GOSH. I just watched that whole thing, waiting for something to happen. And nothing did. Joke’s on me, I guess.

  • Terry

    And after all the rack-focused art clips, tailored pants, hand-painted boards, “whatever” ‘tude in post-heat interviews and perpetually unkempt hair, where do you wind up? Chasing tail, in a Euro-club bumping Black Eyed Peas.

    A life less ordinary for sure.

  • sevesofthesea

    dudes, how was that grinder sanga Dion was building in the kitchen? It was like 30 seconds in time lapse, mus have took him all day!

  • pol pot

    tooo bad this clip is like 4 years old…. way to be scraping for content

  • MissHissyFit

    yes dane you are so boring, chasing tail in a trashy euro club like some kind of hetero. i would have expected you to at least make an effort to try and find some place unusual to make booty calls like a public mens room or outhouse. we just expect more than this from you dane – ripping is just not enough for your adoring public. try to do better next time. i know terry shares my pain and outrage.

  • FL

    God, I cant beleave I just watched it too… What the F____? I thought I was going to see something sick, like something worth blowing a knee over.. Dane dont let them post this cr___ without blowing it up.. This was free and I still want my money back!! Sh_t man, I’m going to email this video to someone I hate. Everyone that watched this should get a free year of the mag. for payback…

  • bruce

    shit of a video. the only thing is that appears dane, but he bearly talked so wasnt that good. liked the idea of a rainy day with the pros, but could be waaaaaaay better than this

  • Peter

    It looked like Dion Agioustus posted the clip. Don’t blame Dane, blame Dion you whiners.

  • MissHissyFit

    who cares who posted it dahling?