Dane Reynolds & Conner Coffin // Just Some Footage // 7:04

posted by / Video / June 25, 2014

Micheal Kew did us all a huge favor. He compiled a clip called, Just Some Surfing Footage of Dane Reynolds and Conner Coffin. Cute title, Mike, but the truth is that there is no such thing as “just some footage” of these guys. This is not your run of the mill edit. This is profound. Could you ask for anything better than seven minutes of Dane and Conner surfing Rincon? No. You cannot. Elks club stand up.

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  • Single Fin


  • The Koon

    That was so dope

  • Guest

    who’s the jam by? great surfing and great tunes.

  • Samuel Ruffin

    not one stupid air reverse…..#refreshing

  • Hayley

    Awesome footage! Would love to know who the tunes are from too!

  • RT


  • Carley

    It’s from a live jam at the Lucky Llama in Carpinteria. Probably by Conner Coffin since he usually likes to play there when he is in town