Dane Reynolds // Re-Loaded // 4:37

posted by / Video / March 3, 2014

Remixes. They’re the creative muse of every DJ from here to Coachella and for good reason — who doesn’t love hearing a familiar tune with a foreign twist? This clip is like a remixed version of Dane Reynolds’Loaded and you shouldn’t still be reading this because it’s Dane Reynolds and you should’ve already clicked play.

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  • bobbywobby

    Yuck. that sucked. do not pursue a career in video editing or music remixing for the love of god.

  • bobbywobbysuxbignobbys

    MF Doom?! Dane Reynolds? !! Takes one to know one….Legend! Rad as Fuck!

  • ranga mon

    DOOM is amazing, good to hear something besides the black angels in an edit.

  • whoa

    wow. better than the original? more fun to watch at least. rad song, never thought i would say that about rap in a surf vid… changed my perspective a bit.