Dane Reynolds // This Is Dane // 17:38

posted by / Video / July 6, 2014

Warning: this is not 17 and a half minutes of Dane Reynolds riding a surfboard. It’s OK to dream and you are so beautifully optimistic if that’s what you were anticipating. But don’t let the lifestyle bring you down! Desillusion magazine gives us some good, raw insight to the life of Dane and A+ surf clips are minced throughout. So even though it isn’t 17 and a half minutes of Dane surfing, it’s still 17 and a half minutes of Dane and you can’t help but watch.

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  • Thatsucked

    Sorry Dane. I was a fan, but that sucked. Your words: “it definitely started to feel like a job,” is such a characterizing factor in today’s youth. Grow the freak up! Everyone needs a job to pay the bills. Now can you please sack up and go back to competing so we can actually see if you are the “best,” which we all think you are! Prove it already!

  • dabone

    “that reaction time is what separates good surfers from…bad surfers”
    So there it is…I suck because I have slow reaction time…Thanks Dane

  • ThomCruz


  • Drips

    Sorry Thatsucked. Nobody cares if your a fan or not. Your words “Grow the Freak Up” are becoming such a characterizing factor in todays old folks. Step outside your small mind! Everyone who doesn’t surf like Dane needs a job to pay the bills. Now keep working your 9-5 and keeping the lineup clear for me.

  • BroFromWayBack

    Wrong: Winning contests has nothing to do with being the “best”. The best “competitor” maybe. Not the best “surfer”. The designation of “best surfer” is highly subjective.

  • Bobby

    Nice film……Dane rips for sure….. Apply all those moves to some really big waves…

  • chris

    Dane is a scrub!!! Waah waah wahh, dude start winning some heats and people would respect you as the “best” surfer on the planet. If we all showed our %10 clips we all would be shredding on camera. AND more importantly if most of us had million dollar contract to surf the best wave in the world we would be great too. This comes across as an ungrateful brat. (As I watch from a cubical dreaming of Indo)