Dane Reynolds // Ventura // 3:09

posted by / Video / October 3, 2011

Video by Michael Kew

It’s Dane’s latest creation, the Sperm Whale. A hand-shaped, round nosed, four fin squash tail.

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12 Responses to “Dane Reynolds // Ventura // 3:09”

  1. Bob says:

    Mute the tunes and all is well.

  2. Beluga says:

    talk about regression.

  3. anom says:

    Sorry dane but that board looks terrible

  4. The king says:

    Looks fun as hell for smaller waves. Much better than watching every surfer in the world do a lame air reverse.

  5. Rad Dude says:

    The King is 100% right. It is sooooooo nice to watch actual carving surfing and no airs.

  6. queens cock says:

    yeah rad dude, yeah buddy…. putting on the skinny jeans with my singlet on after my heat…. yeah, buddy…
    keep going rad dude

  7. mik says:

    nice to see ppl paddel inside to get out of the way…

  8. El Rey says:


  9. Daner says:

    i like surfing

  10. Jackie-O says:

    Nice to see something else besides air air air. That just looks fun! Glad he’s not cloning it out there. Danes got style.

  11. Dana Quinn says:

    do you know we’re ruled by tv?

    jim was onto it

  12. drew says:

    Yeah whit a surfer. He makes many others look too busy, too formulaic. The board looks great fun.

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