Dane Reynolds & Taylor Knox // Cabo San Lucas // 2:55

posted by / Video / August 28, 2013

“Revisiting the same shitty wave that Taylor Knox killed in 2002 in the Movie Arc.” While the wave itself hasn’t changed much, surfing certainly has. This footage comes from the first of two SURFING Mag trips to Mexico with Dane Reynolds and Taylor. The idea was to help redefine power surfing through these guys. It sorta worked, sorta turned into something else. But here in Cabo, the boys got off to a good start. Dane’s gesture at 1:38 is more powerful and significantly more modern than the Hoover Dam. T.K. chimes in with a gentleman’s hack at 2:26. Eleven years later, who would have guessed that turn would still look so good?

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Go to MarineLayerProductions.com to watch the clip again and get Dane’s insight on the trip.

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  • Trevor

    You travel all the way down there with your friends and you think your ripping. Then these guys paddle out…..got to be humbling

  • Bianca

    haha… so true @Trevor

  • Freddy F

    Since when did the water in Cabo get cold?

  • Dont surf much

    What about the snake at 2:36? Not classy at all.

  • Jarrif

    Wow, Taylor’s carves are inspiring. The way his whole body flows through the turn with a complete direction change and throwing buckets – geez, so sick. And Dane’s boards look weirdly slow. Sike!! He’s was flying!! And that floater! Great clip